We are now accepting booking requests for our 'Mental Health Straight Talk' sessions which focus on developing and
maintaining mental health, presented by the founders of The Brain Health Education Institute, Trevor and Annie Boulton.

The talks focus on the interests of the audiences and include insights into current personal and community
mental health issues, understanding their possible causes and exploring strategies for dealing with our own health
and that of our families, colleagues and employees.

The presenters openly discuss their own individual mental health challenges which include hospitalization,
break-downs, addictions, early childhood traumas and their paths to recovery.

Trevor spent 15 years working alongside the homeless on the Gold Coast and together with Annie has spent
the last 20 plus years working in the mental illness and mental wellness education sectors.

Human mental health is best understood 'holistically' as having three components - Body, Mind & Spirit

BODY - Begins with an overview of the role and function of our physical brain and
what our brain needs in order to function correctly, how to maintain it's basic chemistry and how to know when
these needs are not being met.

MIND - Explains our caveman-like responses to stress and the responses we learn in childhood to relieve
that stress or shame, how we carry those same responses into adulthood and ways we can deal with our shame.

SPIRIT - Looks at purpose and its role in providing fulfillment and happiness and how to deal with the thinking that
can keep us from finding that purpose and ultimate fulfillment.

'Mental Health Straight Talk' explains many of the things we do and how we attempt to cope with life. Presented in a
fun way often comparing human beings to a Ferrari - where Body, Mind and Spirit become Vehicle, Driver and Journey.

The development and creation of the interactive multimedia overhead presentation is now finished and the
resources pack and online training modules are currently in production.

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Holistic Mental Health
Body - Mind - Spirit
Booking enquiries for online or live sessions - 0417 90 6000 - Trev & Annie Boulton
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